Keeping busy…

Well summer has definitely started off with a blast.   We have a sign that hangs in that says “House Rules”   and one of the rules is to KEEP YOUR PROMISES.  Let’s just say we are definitely keeping our promises and keeping the kids busy busy busy.

Thursday we made a trip to the library.  The boys had their library cards renewed and were able to check out a few movies and books.

On Friday daddy took Jonathan and Zachary to the kart club races.  (Where Jonathan flags and volunteers.)  They did not get home until 1:30 Saturday morning.  Even though it was a long night kudos to hubby for keeping our promise to the kids and we went to Aquatica for the day.  We got there early enough to actually get chairs under the big umbrellas.  Which was nice so it was not so hard on my knees and legs.  We discovered the large water splash pad and kid zone…oh my gosh….the kids spent most of their time they’re going down the slides and getting blasted by the large buckets of water coming down on top of them.

Sunday was a day of rest.  I had to finish grocery shopping.  I took all the kids except for Zachary to Good will shopping , Sara and Jonathan did more coupon shopping for razors.  We had a blast.  Even though some times it felt as though I brought the circus with me…my guys can keep me on my toes laughing and sometimes even crying.  Gotta love those kids.

Keeping a promise does not cost money; but  break a promise it cost something more valuable …a child’s trust.


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