The grades are in…….

I am beyond ecstatic right now.  I received the phone call that all report cards will be available to pick up this Monday.  Well I could not wait so I was able to login on the parent portal and see the report cards first hand.  Without having to wait all weekend and stress.

I am very proud of all my boys and I know how hard they had to work to bring their grades up.

Jonathan now has 17 credits…only 7 more to graduate with a regular diploma….wooohooo….he had no “F”s  and the best news was his algebra and geometry grades were both  “B”s.  So technically I believe he is now a senior.  And because of those awesome grades he did not have to do summer school…..he is loving it and is counting down the days until we go on vacation.

Christopher struggled this year and brought his reading grade up so now we have to wait for the FSA scores to come in.  If he passes that test he will no longer have to take intensive reading.  He passed his algebra class but we need to work with him on his English.  He will have to retake 10th grade English.  Other than that he is moving on up there.

Nickolas does not have to take intensive reading anymore because he brought his grade up.  He did not have any “F”s only a “D” in history.  He got an “A” in math..he worked sooooo very hard to bring that “D” up.

Zachary  has been promoted to the 5th grade. He got a “D” in Language but all “A”s and “C”s for him.  He is very excited to be moving into the 5th grade.

So as a reward I took the youngest boys to get the haircut they wanted for summer.


10153639_10206156989596770_3536159949563125923_n 10517488_10206156989236761_7671495076956980060_n


11138099_10206156990476792_7515701622000340712_n 11010563_10206156991036806_1529869622541336509_n 1661358_10206156991676822_6159915891244949147_n


They were explained they could keep this haircut until August then it will be cut for school… Of course they tried to sweet talk their way into keeping it…yeah…..not going to happen.  But at least they can say they got the haircut of their choosing and are loving them.


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