The vacation countdown……

Well we have officially began count down to vacation.   Jonathan is definitely ready to head to cooler weather and so am I.  Even though I know the others are looking  forward to going, Jonathan and I really like the cooler weather.


He has made sure that his racing flags are coming with us too.  I have the space saver bags ready to start filling.  Now its just a matter of getting everything together for the trip.  We have to test out the newly purchased used cargo topper.  The tents have to be aired out.  Then getting grocery items to take in cooler.  When we go on a road trip we can’t afford to eat out so we take food to make sandwiches, snacks and drinks along the way.  I love being able to stop at a rest area and just people watch.

Even though Sara will not be able to go I know she will be with us in spirit.  She has not been at her new job and can not take any time off.  She is good with it.  She loves the idea of making money.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our family again.  I am so blessed that I can share with my kids some of the things I grew up with.  Like living in the country away from the hustle and bustle.  Away from a lot of ignorant people. They are able to do things I use to.  Like the first time they ever seen a lightning bug.  The looks on their faces were priceless.  Able to camp in a rainstorm and not worry about lightning…..and listening to all the wildlife ….just amazing.

This year I am planning on taking them to an old fashion drive-in movie.  You know the one with a playground and concession stand…..omg…..I am having flashbacks even talking about it now.

We are also stopping for a week in Kentucky.  It is just like the Jason Aldean song “Dirt Road Anthem”.

Until you actually experience it you can’t appreciate it.  I mean when you can go to a park and there is an archeological  dig going on, to walk down by the river and see bear tracks, raccoon tracks or when you go to the center of town and you see a sign that if you violate the time limit your fine is $5…….just sooo much.

1461071_10202081026100230_365264098_n 381705_4575490278348_868979231_n 286406_2124822093175_599793_o 286406_2124822013173_4539215_o

These are actual pictures I took on our last vacation to New York and Kentucky,

We are at 17 days and counting……


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