Busy, Busy, Busy….did I mention Busy????

40635_1460088355247_1572586_nLake Ontario sailboats.

Ok so we are 15 days away from our vacation to Western New York.  We are going camping and have a 75th family reunion to attend.

So we are pulling out the camping tents making sure they are good to go.  Have to make sure the cargo topper will fit properly on the suburban.  Making sure all the bills are going to be paid while gone.  Starting to get items at the store for the trip.

Sara is studying the drivers handbook.  S he is wanting to (and we are wanting her too) get her drivers license before we leave.  It would be a really good thing if she did.

Jonathan is concentrating on his big race Saturday but he is still giving me the countdown until we leave for vacation.  Nickolas and Zachary are acting out more than usual.  They know we are getting closer to time to leave.   They closer we leave the more and more their impulse to act out comes out.

The good thing is that only have 2 doctors appointments on the 13th.  So that gives me plenty of home time to finish getting things together.


This is a fishing pier I grew up fishing off on Lake Ontario.


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