Every time we go out……

1623735_10203552741572197_6218628738510678610_nZachary walking along a tree that is submerged in the spring.

The following is a letter I wrote and posted on facebook last year  My son Zachary had done something so wrong that I couldn’t figure out what to do….so this was my response to his actions.

Earlier today an incident had happened while at Deleon Springs…at first I thought I was mortified at the actions that had happened but then as i think about it …I was mortified that the fact this gentleman did not want to hear what was being said or could care less that we were trying to apologize for what happened. So with that being said….

To the gentleman and son at DeLeon Springs today,

I would like to apologize for my sons actions again. Neither my husband or I condone his actions. He has been punished for his actions as we have deemed appropriate.

I know this does not help the fact he let the fish, that your son worked so hard to catch, go…..I can not explain his reasoning….all I can do is apologize and try to give you a little insight into my son.

You see he is not a bad boy….yes he does have his faults and in which he most of the time can not control. His medicine helps to keep him focused. He is a large animal lover at heart. His favorite thing to do is fish, watch jeff corwin and animal planet. He always tries to help when and where he can.

You see my son has been diagnosed with Aspergers, OCD, ADHD….I feel that you could care less that his diagnosis are but you know it’s the lack of public knowledge of how us parents of special needs children, have to deal with their conditions…trying to let our children live a much normal life as possible without being looked or treated at differently than other children without these issues.

If I could take back time and keep him from releasing those fish I would…but I can’t …all I can do is apologize.


The mother of the child you looked at as if he were a thief and did this on purpose.

Everyday I have to live in worry that he does something like this.  I don’t like putting labels on him or his disability.  He continues to strive everyday keeping his anxiousness to himself.  It’s days like that above that really make it hard not to have a breakdown but I am not going to let this keep my family down.  Each and every is new and going to make the most of it.  No matter what happens I know that I can deal with it and approach every incident with caution and knowledge so I won’t let those bad days get the best of us.

Please remember knowledge is power and the more you know goes a long way.  Not everyone is mean or do things of their own impulse…..there is a reason behind each action ….you just can’t see his.



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