It’s getting stressful….

This past week has had its up…Jonathan and Daddy going to the race at Daytona.  The down swing has begun.

Just found out last night that my brother and his family will not be able to go with us on vacation to New York.  Daddy had a flat tire yesterday on his way home from work….had a misunderstanding with the tire company but that is straightened out now.

I am keeping a positive outlook.  I refuse to let the downpour of bad news or happenings discourage my family from going on this well deserved vacation.  This morning I was so upset by a phone call that I happened to say “there goes vacation” and Jonathan woke from a dead sleep to say “whhhaaaattt??” in a voice I know would lead him to tears if I repeated it.  So I just told him to go back to sleep and we would talk later.   So far he has not asked yet,

I have realized that the more stress I get the more times I slip up and say things that the boys can take out of context and get really upset and start acting out.  So  what did I do to try to keep them busy…we went to the library.  Nickolas picked up the book he requested and Zachary picked up more movies for us to watch.  I am glad to see he picked out “veggie tales”.  He did this without me being present.  Makes me happy to know he is making better choices and is actually paying attention.  That is a very big accomplishment for Zachary.


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