No matter how old its never gets easier……

Zachary is having a rough summer with his friends.  Just as school ended two of his closest friends moved away not leaving an address or phone number.  Now his other “close” friend is moving to another city and we will probably not see again.  He attempted to stay over last night and like always he was home  by 11 pm.  For both of my sons having Asperger’s it is very difficult for them to have a sustaining friendship like I did when I was their age.

Everyone is their friend and they really do not pick or have a “best” friend.  But when they have either and issue or disagreement with their friend(s), they always say they are not my friend anymore but eventually they do talk again.  As Zachary is starting the 5th grade and Jonathan a senior this year my hope is that he will finally make that one “best” friend connection.

In 1984 my father retired from the army after 24 years of service.  He and my mother moved our family from Washington state to Florida.  I still this day can remember my first very best friend. Her name is Sharon Truschka.  I can remember having to call her and say goodbye.  It’s so vivid just like if it was yesterday.  Back then there was no cell phones but there were “pay phones”.  I can remember calling her up telling her that we were having to leave and abruptly saying “goodbye” and hanging up.  The next thing I remember is pulling away and the song playing on the radio was by Lionel Richie…..”Stuck On You”.   And every time I hear that song on the radio I close my eyes and wonder where my best friend is.

I would like for my children to experience and have relationships with others like I do.  To have a best friend to tell your secrets to or just talk to in your times of need and have them there when and where ever you need.

me and sharon This is my Best Friend Sharon Truschka….( We were outside the skating ring )  I miss her ….wish I knew where she was.


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