We are off……

In less that 14 hours we will be on our way to New York and Kentucky for vacation.   The last few days have gone by so fast.  The difference this year than our last vacation to New York and Kentucky is our daughter will not be with us.  With her just starting her job, she can not take any time off yet.  But it is also bittersweet as this is the point of her spreading her wings to be on her own for a few days without any of her immediate family.

picking cherries2  (family reunion in 2009)sara eating our rewards

We are going to our family’s 75th annual family reunion in Western New York.  The thought of being able to pick fresh cherries ,apples and wild raspberries remind me of when I was younger.  We lived in Washington state and my father would take us fishing.  Well I should say he and my sister and brother would fish, myself I would go picking wild blackberries.  Those are the memories that I want my children to have and to share with their children.  Well right now they all have the fishing bug.  Every chance they have a fishing pole in their hand.

A day of fishing on the in intercoastal waterway

A day of fishing on the in intercostal waterway

Well here’s to a vacation that’s been a long time coming.


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