How do you do it????

We bought our first home in 2006.  We were so proud, finally to have somewhere to call home.  We could do what we wanted and not have to answer or get permission to do.  We had a large fenced in yard, an above ground pool with shower; a small fire pit to do smores and watch the stars.

We had countless evenings of having friends and family over for cookouts, drinks, and all around good time.  Just being ourselves.  We were living the American dream of owning a home.

backyard Nothing fancy it was built in 1960. But yet gene kids playing badmittonbig enough to play badmiton.

In 2009, my husband lost his job.  There went over half of our income.  I worked outside the home but that paid for our health insurance.  We began to struggle to pay the credit card bills, doctors bills and the mortgage.  By 2010, we were forced to short sell our home from being in an upside down mortgage.  (This was before all of the help for homeowners in upside down mortgage programs began.)

Since then we have had to move 4 times now.  We have had to file bankruptcy, have my husband’s specialist quit treating him due to the bankruptcy. We have lived in a very small home with less than 900 square living feet for 7 people to a 2-story home with 2300+ square feet.  This new home we are renting is just right for us.

Bills are still the same amount; thanks goodness I have learned how to coupon smartly, moving closer to hubby’s work has cut down on our gas costs.  the holidays are still approaching quickly.

We informed the children we need Christmas wish lists as soon as possible.  One of my closest friends is doing an old fashioned….Little House on the Prairie style Christmas.  With homemade gifts not all this fancy shmancy  technological expensive gifts.  I love to make things.  I put all my heart and energy in things to show how much people mean to me.  With trying to make the ends meet with finances, I see a new tradition starting in our home.  Thanks for the idea Michelle!  You are the best.

I am living the American dream.  I have an awesome family and love over flows in our home.


2 thoughts on “How do you do it????

  1. You are an amazing Woman. Never give up on love because it is always more cumbersome than the things we acquire in life. Sometimes we think our empire is based on how many toys we have in our garage but it is not. It is about how many souls we can touch and those that are nearest and dearest to us, our families. Those people that regardless of the mistakes we make will love us unconditionally and continue to push forward regardless of the obstacles we encounter. It is through life lessons that we get the courage to understand love is the only possession we should be truly proud of.


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