Getting closer……

We have decorated our house for Halloween.  It’s really strange to be the only house on the street decorated.  There were a lot we had to trash from being dilapidated and worn out.  When my mother in law decorated, she did for every occasion from Easter to Veterans Day to Christmas and Thanksgiving.  There are so many of our decorations that she gave us because she no longer had kids coming to trick or treat at their house.  She would burn vanilla candles all the time.  Her house smelled wonderful.   Every time you were welcomed into the house with a hug and a warm “come on in”.

I can say from experience it was very warm and inviting.  So much that you could just sit in a chair and feel comfortable enough to just doze off. (Even if it was for just a few moments.)  The children would play either on the back porch or go in the extra bedroom to watch television, while the adults would discuss the latest happenings.  Mean while mom would make a pickle platter to serve as a snack until the dinner was ready.  The platter would consist of baby dill , sweet gherkins, black olives, green olives and sliced cracker barrel cheese with crackers.  Of course, she made sure to have plenty of it all.

Well today is the first day I will do my best to make my home feel like her home did.  I am going to burn the vanilla candles and attempt to make my home inviting to all those who come for Sara’s 21st birthday cookout/party.  I want to make sure the tradition of feeling loved and welcome continues.  SAM_0431


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