As one door closes another opens……

This past weekend we celebrated my 45th birthday and our daughter’s 21st.

It was a very relaxing Saturday evening with just family and friends.  Too bad not many more friends could come but it is understandable.  She wore her “Finally 21” sash with flashing tierra.  There was a pinata filled with about 5 pounds of candy (none of it chocolate).  The kids were able to play soccer in the backyard.  We made bbq chicken on the grill, spaghetti salad and baked beans.  Not to mention the cakes…..not only did I forget that Sara had her own birthday cake already but I bought a large variety flavored cheesecake.  Plus they surprised me with a vanilla cake with whipped topping mixed with cut up  maraschino cherries and pieces of shaved chocolate and a base of chocolate gnache. ….OH BOY WAS IT GOOOOOD!!!!!


My daughter works at a photo lab and she created me the most beautiful birthday card…..the cloud picture of the angel appeared over my mother in laws house after she had passed that day.  We spotted it as we were getting ready to leave.   I LOVE IT!!!!!

Sunday was a kinda lazy, laid back day.  Both my NFL team and my son’s teams went into overtime and we were just hollering at the television as if they could really hear us. While hubby worked on my truck’s brakes we went to Albertsons grocery store.  And for the first time ever, as a family we had crab legs for dinner.  Man was that awesome.  Bill and Tammy taught all of us (except for my hubby) how to crack open and get every bit of meat in those things……dipped in butter….eeewwwww  it was AWESOME!!!

We were sad that we could not make it to my great-niece’s birthday party at Cici’s pizza but it was unavoidable as the brake work on my truck went over 4.5 hours (and that was just the back brakes alone).   We have come to the realization that our dear and beloved 2-year-old puppy is gong to have her own puppies ….I am hoping the litter is small.

Of course the weekend went by way to fast…you can tell by the boys dragging their bodies around to get ready for school.  In fact Nickolas wanted to argue with me that there was no school….I just reminded him that it is next weekend they have an extra day off from school.

Today we should know that final arrangements for my mother in law’s memorial service.  The kids have been kind of just avoiding asking questions except Nickolas.  He wants to know when can he go see his grandpa.  We told him really soon.  As he is busy taking care of personal business.  We hope to have him visit us here at our new home soon.


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