What’s for dinner……..

On everyone’s birthday here I ask “what would you want for your birthday dinner?”.  For the longest time each time a birthday rolled around all the kids seem to say the same thing….shrimp scampi.   It was really good cooking it from scratch.  Then I tried several other “from scratch” recipes to give them more of a selection to choose from and not be so limited on their choices.

Well tonight is one of the nights we are having “chicken spaghetti casserole”.  Sara has been wanting to try forever (as the kids say now a days).  Now comes the hard part….Nickolas does not like mushrooms and this recipe calls for them.  I am a firm believer that my children should eat what is made for dinner.  I refuse to make more than one meal for dinner just because of something they don’t like.  But I always try to be fair and make compromises for everyone but tonight is different.  I truly believe he just says it just to see what he can get away with having.

Well not tonight my son. if it bothers him that much he will have to pick the mushrooms out.  As long as he can’t see them he is okay.  I would like for my children to become more willing to try new things before making any assumptions because of the ingredients.

So i think it is best I make this now and just ready to pop in the oven when it is time to finish cooking it.  I know that if he gives it half a chance he will really like it.

1661358_10206156991676822_6159915891244949147_n   I truly love my son Nickolas.


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