Fall???? Snow?????


Is it really fall?  I can not tell by the 85+ degree weather we are having here in Florida.  You wake up to 70-something degrees and by noon its over 80.  Fall to me is the changing of the leaf colors, cooler breeze in the morning; by evening time you are just sitting on the back porch enjoying the coolness and feeling the dampness in the air too.

I am having a flashback to 2010 when our family moved to New York…it was a very short 3 months but my children were introduced what I call “THE REAL FALL”.  We went to Becker Farms in Gasport, NY and they had a blast.  There was a hay ride  thru the haunted corn field, pig races, apple cider.  They got to jump into a large pile of hay.  In which Sara almost lost her I-pod when it fell out of her jacket.

33894_1520558146954_2751900_nThey were actually having fun at no cost.  Somethings I grew up doing.

Thanks to my cousin Dale, the kids were able to go pick fresh pumpkins for Halloween.  Right out of his pumpkin patch.  It was awesome to see their faces light up when they found the right one.  It was down right hilarious watching the attempt to carry their new-found treasure. ( Especially Nickolas and Zachary.) As you can see with Nickolas  here.


They had so much fun raking the leaves into a pile and actually jumping in.


After Chris raked them into the pile Nickolas and Zachary would run from the back fence and just jump.  As far as their mighty legs would take carry them.  The bond between them all was so apparent. It was a joy to watch them. 71979_1559382677543_4690082_n

73217_1559383837572_6497542_n  The rustling and crackling of the leaves as they moved.  It was a sound that I remember from my youth growing up doing the exact same thing.  My children love to fish so they were introduced to the “night crawler”.  Not just any night crawler but the New York night crawler.  The deep red/purple in color and the fatness in size.

There were so many things they got to do and yet could not do a lot either in the brief time we were there.  They got to feel the cool air in the morning, afternoon and evening.  They got to walk to school and enjoyed it.  Christopher got to attend a fall dance ( he had never been to one before).  In our brief living there they did get to see snow flurries on Halloween. But it was really brief.  They have yet to see a real snow fall, wear snow boots to go anywhere, ride a toboggan down a snow-covered hill; experience a “snow day”.  Some of these things I hope to let them experience in the near future.

But now back to the reality of it all……it is 84 degrees outdoors.  I have the weather channel on listening to them talk about the cold coming to the northeast.  Possible snow flurries and getting down to 30 degrees….I wish the heat would leave now and let us have some sort of fall that makes it enjoyable to live here.

SAM_0401 Yes the alligator is sunbathing on the banks of the St. Johns River here…that’s how warm it still is here.


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