Aunt Clara


I would like to introduce you to Aunt Clara.   She is a very big part of my family’s life.  Even though we live 1100 miles away from each other we still call each other everyday.  Just to say “HI” and check up on how everyone is doing.   Aunt Clara became an official member of our family when she married Uncle D.  She is a HUGE animal lover.  I can tell you she spoiled our Blossom when she was here.  Blossom thinks now she can sit up front with me in the car and rest upon my chest.   Yeah….not so much.  (Just like here in the picture)

Aunt Clara is such a special blessing.   She can make ALL of my children listen up and behave.  She does not have to raise her voice or her hand…only has to give a look.  Once she gives the look they all know she means business.  I LOVE IT!!!

From the first time Aunt Clara came to Florida for a family visit the connecting bond was instant.  When she is visiting every night there is an argument who sits next to Aunt Clara….there was so much arguing that we had to designate each day who would sit next to her at dinner time.  She and Zach take their shots at the same time…they race to see who finishes taking their medicines first.  When Aunt Clara and Uncle D check their blood sugar, the younger kids think it’s a game to see who wins with the lowest sugar reading.

The last time we seen her was on vacation in July.  We actually got to spend a week at their trailer in New York.  Almost every night there would be a fire going.  Just sitting out back with the fire enjoying the cool air and each others company.11264885_10206392500484395_3154630056353613995_n

The Crazy Cousins by the fire in the back yard……

Zachary would play with Bear. (Bear is her chocolate lab) He would run trying to Bear to catch him….then Zach would find some way of getting Bear to jump back.   11755916_10206379327275073_8056346094860243521_n In this photo Bear was afraid of the sheet.  When he would approach Zach would make a “RAHHHHH” sound and Bear would jump back and bark.

I could not imagine our family being without Aunt Clara.  She fits right in with us.  Amidst all the chaos and craziness she makes our lives so much more happier.   We love you Aunt Clara…..can’t wait to see you soon.   It takes a very special kinda crazy person to put up with us….and she WINS!!!!!

She's a real Chef now....

She’s a real Chef now….


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