Kentucky in the fall……



I have become really impatient waiting for the cooler weather to get here in Florida, so I decided to take you on a trip to Kentucky.  We go and see my brother and his family for vacation.

There is one thing I learned from driving to Kentucky is you do not want to get lost in the back hills of Tennessee.  Yes we did get lost the first time on our drive there for Thanksgiving.  We truly thought there was no way to get back to I-75…but after approximately an hour in we found a road back to the interstate.  Yeah…..that will not happen again.

Once you cross the state line into Kentucky you have entered what I think is the most beautiful state.  Mountains in front of you, rolling green hills on the sides with wooden fences. Large, round bales of hay that has been harvested waiting to be picked up and stored for the winter.  The air is much crisper and cooler too.  It’s definitely a break from the heat of Florida.

going through and around the mountains

going through and around the mountains

view drivng in

How blue the sky

The blue sky and billowy white clouds when you could find them are just breath-taking. I have been to Kentucky in both the summer and fall seasons.  I will tell you more about the summer adventure at a later date.  Getting out of the car and stretching your legs there are no cars , no hustle and bustle of the city.  Everyone knows each other and are not judgmental.  They have no preconceived ideas against anyone.

When my sister-in-law Christy took me to downtown Richmond, I felt like we had stepped back in time.  The courthouse and tag office are in the same building, the jail is out back of the courthouse.

Richmond Cemetary

Richmond cemetary

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

In the middle of town is the graveyard with headstones and monuments dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Not only had we come on vacation to be with the family but now we are also visiting history.  Seeing things have been around since Daniel Boone and the first settlers.  In the courthouse is Squire Boone Rock from 1770.   There is so much history here.

at the state park

at the state park

We took the kids to Fort Boonesborough State Park in which there is an actual archeological dig in process  I am a big fan of learning …especially hands on like this.  Walk down by the Kentucky river and we found bear tracks and arrow heads.  Just a few hundred feet from the park is the actual Fort Boonesborough.  We had the opportunity to go into it and actually see how they people from back in the 1700’s would survive, how to make their tools, cotton, make fire with just a flint and fuzz.  Actually see antique tools from the day was just awesome.

The last time we were in Kentucky for Thanksgiving my children actually got to see snow.  There was enough snow for them to ride sleds down the hill a few times.  They had a blast and did not miss the modern-day internet or video games.

I can not wait to go again and just get away from it all……..


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