Let’s not get this going again……

Not long after my last blog entry Jonathan sent me a text message “I’m twitching, feeling funny, im shaking, my legs starting to get weak”..I immediately told him to get to the nurse.   I gave it a few minutes and sent him a message asking if he was ok…no response.  I called the high school and they put me straight through to the clinic.  They had Jonathan there and had called 911.  I said “on my way from Lake Mary”

When I got to the school there were more paramedics than I have ever seen before.  Jonathan was lying on the clinic bed but this time his episode was not like the others he has had.  Normally with these episodes his fingers smoosh together like being dehydrated, not this time.  They were spread wide open contorted in all directions.  His body normally twitches not this time…he laid there motionless with his legs, fingers and jaws locked.  He could not speak or respond to any questions.  The paramedics had already started an IV and gave him some vallium to try get him to relax. I told them he needs to go to emergency room to be checked.  It has been over a year since he has had an episode.  Normally I could get Jonathan into my truck and drive to the pediatric e.r. in Orlando.  Not this time….he was so stiff that it reminded me of the “I LOVE LUCY” episode where Lucy gets locked into the meat freezer and gets frozen solid.

Well after 4 hours waiting, 3 tubes of blood, a CAT scan, EKG, and chest X-ray they released him.  To follow up with his neurologist as soon as possible.  I am concerned because of how long it did take for his hands and jaws to relax.  Normally 45 mins to and hour not this time almost 1 1/2-2 hours.


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