The ultimate…….

A day of fishing on the in intercoastal waterway

A day of fishing on the in intercoastal waterway

There are times when you just know it’s going to be a bad day or something bad is going to happen.  I noticed a lot of those feelings for me have gone away.  My husband would always say he has a black cloud over his head.  I try to have him let those negative thoughts go.  It’s been hard for really hard.

When we moved to New York in 2010 (it was the shortest move I have ever been a part of), my husband put every effort into making my dream come true.  I wanted to move back to New York and let my children experience things I did growing up that they would never have living in Florida.    Like running in the grass with bare feet and no sand spurs.  (Those of you who live in Florida know how painful those nasty things are.)  Raking a pile of damp leaves and jumping into them, go into an actual pumpkin patch to pick their own.  Eventually to be able to say they seen snow and could go sledding down a hill. My hometown you can drive down the road see a fresh vegetable stand on the side of the road.  On this stand is a little box to put your money in from what you wanted to buy…no one had to be out there to collect the money…it is on the honor system.  Putting his own happiness on hold for us took great strength.  But after 3 months he could not do it anymore.  He felt like the people he worked with treated him different from everyone else because he was from the South.  His depression hit an all time low and his spirit had seem to be broken.

Finally we talked and he made the decision he needed to be back in Florida.  He left us for a while to get things ready for us to come home.  So I had come to terms with giving up my dream of living home again to have him happy.  There is no greater joy to have then to let someone else be happy in their dream.  So we moved back to Florida…amidst all the moving 4 times in 4 1/2 years to say the least it has been rough.

This past month has been extremely hard with the passing of his mother and now our son has had another seizure episode at school yesterday.  We had to spend all day there yesterday.   But no matter what my husband still goes out of his way to make sure his children are happy.  Driving Christopher to his Bible group every Wednesday and  Sara back and forth to work (until she gets her drivers license).  So instead of coming home and driving back, he takes the younger boys Nick and Zack fishing until dark then he will go visit his father until it is that time to pick up Sara and Chris.  While I stay home to cook dinner and putter around the house.  He is giving the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we are all happy.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Today has been a very blessed day and want to say “THANK YOU ” to all who are apart of our lives.  We may not see each other everyday or talk everyday but we are so blessed and thankful to have you in our lives.  See in our home family means:

family definition


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