New Year New Beginnings New Hope

It has been quite a while since my last posting but it’s a new year of new beginnings and new hope for our family.  A lot of things have happened since my last blog and the reason why I had to stop blogging.


I have always put my family first and this is no different.  With the holidays came a very personal issue that I find hard to discuss.  Only the friends close to me and only some extended family members know what happened. (In future blogs I will reveal what has happened) We had to come to terms with this being the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without the matriarch of our family.  It had became extremely hard for our children.  The younger of them crying wanting their grandmother back. Some family members who just do not have a clue at all and yet make judgments they know nothing about.  This was a time to come together, rally around the patriarch of our family and show love and compassion for all.  Also my husbands oldest daughter was involved in a very nasty and life threatening car accident that left her in critical condition.

With the New Year brings in a year of firsts.  This was the first New Years in the almost 22 years of marriage that my husband actually stayed up and rang in the New Year with me and our children.  The first bicycle ride with my entire family in more than 9 years…even though it was not far or long because of my health I LOVED IT!   Our family has become a little competitive with the NFL and the playoffs.   My Seahawks, my hubby’s Packers, and our son’s Broncos all in ….and explaining to Nickolas what it means for his Broncos having home field advantage throughout the playoffs….it is making for some pretty fun joking and kidding around.  The laughter is what I want to hear more of this year.   Another new first for me was trying sushi and eating with chopsticks….yes they were beginners chopsticks but they worked…lol.  So this is just a taste of what I will be blogging about and every day I will write about something positive from that day and a first from that day.




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