Politics everyday……

I will be so glad when these elections are over.  The mud slinging and name calling.has sunk to a new level.  We as human beings are suppose to be nurturing to one another not tearing one another apart.  .

I don’t know how much these politicians really know about the everyday politics my family has to deal with.  We are a struggling lower middle class family and it’s not easy at all.  I see all these politicians making promises of “plans” to fix this and fix that….well damn…how about explaining how this is going to be done….how many more families will be helped or impacted by these plans.

To be honest with you my family has made more than its fair shares of struggles.  To be blessed with 3 children that have more needs than most children has been the biggest struggle.  Not only from a mental aspect but everyday dealing with insurance companies on what they will or will not cover; pharmacies that have no clue what it means if your.child has to.go without medicines because they do not plan to.cover.their regular customers and for any new ones that come along  and the school politics of not wanting to acknowledge a doctor’s diagnosis and having to administer their own tests to come up with the same as the dr.

Do these people really know or rather do they really care????

Let me voice my opinion here…my family is not the greatest but we live each other, we have one anothers back when it is needed.  The programs we watch in our house are family oriented.  We strive to build one another up…we communicate.  We express our opinions and respect others opinions and feelings as well.

When the outcome of these elections are known hopefully these politicians will become more human and less inhumane.


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